Donna DiFolco & Bakers ski virtual 50 km

From Sonot Kkaazoot Race Director, Bad Bob Baker:

Amaing trio

Donna DiFolco, Sharon and Bad Bob Baker, all skied together for a full 50 kilometers in a driving snowstorm skiing in the skate technique.  Beginning at 10:15 am, the threesome slogged along at an average pace of 5:53 minute / km, and completing the Virtual 50 km in  4:54:24.   This time includes all breaks, visiting and stops just to stretch.
Bob burned 3902 calories according to his garmin, so he’s ready to replenish. The ski went well till around 35 km, when Bad BOB began lagging behind and hoping he could convince the others to stop at 40 km….BUT..Sharon would have no part of that, she was skiing with energy beyond anything the energizer bunny could ever produce.
Donna was on the fence, 40 would have been ok with her, but 50 would just take a little longer, so she was in…Poor Bad BOB..had to dig deep and somehow kept the two ladies in sight, with the help of a couple of their breaks.
FINALLY…4:54:24 later, we all finished.  I should let it be known, that Sharon’s gps told her she had to go another mile…so she continues without Donna and I for another mile to satisfy her garmin.  Donna and I agreed that Bad BOB’s garmin was good enough.  We all actually enjoyed the day, seeing many skiers and friends along the way.  The fresh white snow was beautiful and quiet.   NOW…we need to get the 40 km in the books to complete the triple feat…..

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