Carl Hemming skis virtual 40 km (in 2 installments)

Carl skied the traditional 20 km course on 19 March 2020, mostly double poling in the tracks to avoid freeze-thaw ruts in the skating platform.. He started with and emulated Bill Husby, but his time was 1:47:33. See:

On Saturday, 21 March, Carl once again started with Bill Husby intending to ski 40 km. However, after skiing the White Bear twice for a distance of 21 km, he opted to call it a day.

He wrote: The rapidly accumulating snow on the freshly groomed trails made skate skiing progressively more difficult. Thanks to everyone for making it possible to get out and ski for two and one half hours Saturday.

Carl slightly seized up afterwards and sent the wrong screen shot. However, here’s the second installment of Carl’s virtual 40 km.

Carl's second installment

I also witnessed Carl pacing the warming hut after his 21 km ski waiting for his carpool driver, Jerome Jackson, to finish his virtual 40 km. Carl might easily have done 22 or 23 km of combined ski/walk distance.


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