Hemming classical skis another virtual 20 km


Thumpers thumbs up

Carl Hemming, who had already skied a virtual 40 km Sonot, has moved up to the 60 km Sonot (or to the 50 km Sonot with 10 km toward his next 20 km? ) with this latest installment:


Carl writes:

This was my first attempt to transfer electronic workout information from my android phone. It was yesterday, on classic skis I went 20 km in 2 hrs 40 min. The course was the same as on Thursday but out to 6 km on the White Bear and up the ramp and down through the RC bypass to make 20 km. (hmm, . . we seem to be missing the Thursday ski report and route).

Unfortunately Thumper sent the email to himself but did send this route to me:

Thumpers route

so I was able to query him for the rest of the information.

Carl’s virtual Sonot Kkaazoot is very much like his first Sonot Kkaazoot as primordial SCUM (25 years ago) when he skied the Chena River with skate skis and the hilly terrain with classical skis.  Thumper has always been a practical SCUM.


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