Robert Toth’s radioactive-free, virtual 20 km Sonot Kkaazoot

Robert writes:

Registered with cash bib 9999. I will drop another $80 or $100 in the Iron Ranger box to cover it. Hope the other $50s I have been putting in the box made it to the club.

The route for the my Virtual Radioactive Free Of All Style Whatsoever 20 k (I hope) Sonot Kkaazoot done with skate gear

Completed March 27, 2020  at 9:30pm ADT in a blistering 3 hours and 39 minutes give or take a few seconds (timed on my phone)

Start: at Warm Up Cabin. Hard right at end of stadium to short downhill portion of Competition Loop. North Forty. Missed turn to the very bottom of the North Forty. Skied across to the corner where the cutoff to the Black Hole is located.

Encounter moose. Turned around on same part of trail. Crashed head first into snow bank when I turned to check on moose and caught a rut. Found entrance to lowest part of North Forty. Completed North forty after passing moose who had moved to the ungroomed cutoff to the Black Hole.

Black Hole.  Competition Loop up to top and back to Stadium. Main ramp up to Blue Loop. Outhouse loop all the way to bottom. Sunnyside to Section Line crossover (marked 900 meters to Outhouse). Completed Outhouse. Relay Start Loop to corner marked Tower Direct 2.3 K. Tower. Medivac Rollercoaster. White Bear Access. White Bear to Hilltop Cutoff (formerly 4.2 K Cutoff). White Bear Access. Stadium to around behind main building at the top of Warm Up (did not do Warm Up Loop). Under Skyway. Finish: at Warm Up Cabin.

Thanks to all for all your hard work.

Thank you, Robert, for all your trail and Sonot contributions. Your low tech route description is the most detailed one we’ve received. The Birch Hill moose seem to be the only critters out there moving slower than those of us who are normally at the back of the Sonot Kkaazoot pack. 

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