Joanna Fox skis virtual 20 km using both techniques

Joanna Fox completed her virtual 20 km Sonot Kkaaoot in two segments: 10 km skating on Saturday and 10 km classical skiing on Sunday with Norma Haubenstock (who skied twice on Sunday).

Here’s Joanna’s skate 10 km from Saturday in the snowstorm:

Joanna's skate 10 km

See: for photos and comment on Saturday’s ski.

Here’s Joanna’s Sunday stat’s and route when trails were breezy but nicely groomed:

Joanna's classical 10 km

And here is the happy duo on Sunday afternoon:

Joanna & Norma on the classical 10 km

Joanna wrote: I had a lot of fun in the tracks today (they were fast, but I wasn’t feeling too timid due to the practice we got when it was so much colder). I also continued to work on my step-turning around corners. In all, it was a wonderful ski, and a nice way to finish my 20 km Virtual Sonot effort. Depending on what the rest of this week brings, maybe I can even get up to 40 or 50 before Bad Bob shuts it down.


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