The O’Brien Woollers crush the Sonot 20 km

From Diane O’Brien:

We headed out around 10:30 am on Sunday for our Virtual Sonot in two parties, Mom (Diane O’Brien) with Owen Wooller (age 12) and Dad (Mat Wooller) with Phoebe Wooller (age 10).  Owen was determined to ski 20 km, sister Phoebe was less so, so we split up to enable different end times and routes.

All 4 started out on White Bear.  We gloried in the fresh corduroy on White Bear access and quickly discovered that White Bear was less pristine – a little snowy and stick-y but still eminently skiable.  Owen and Mom had pulled ahead by SCUM corner and thought that was the last they’d see of Dad and Phoebe.  Not so!  They caught us while we were feasting on Girl Scout cookies at the top of Heart Rate Hill (see below), and again while we were feasting and congratulating ourselves at the end of White Bear.

Owen, Mat, and Phoebe Wooller

After White Bear, Owen and Mom skied: Tower, Outhouse, Relay, Blue, Warmup, and Rollercoaster/Medevac twice.  Stats and map are below. Their final distance was 12.74 miles.

Stats for Diane and Owen


Diane’s and Owen’s route

We periodically crossed paths with Team Dad/Phoebe and discovered they were in it to win it, the whole 20 km.   After White Bear, their route included: Tower, Blue, a lap or two around the Stadium, and 6 laps of Roller coaster/Medevac.  No GPS evidence but they’re generally truthful people.  (The Sonot blogger will attest to seeing Mat and Phoebe quickly pulling away from Norma and me)
Owen and Mom made it back to the car ~ 15 minutes before Dad and Phoebe, who had taken a warm-up and snack break in the minivan after White Bear.  Phoebe, at < 60 lbs and the least confident of her ability to ski 20 km, probably looked the freshest of all of us.  All had a blast.
Thanks for organizing this great event and thanks for the fantabulous grooming!

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