Eric Buetow skis virtual 40 km

repurposed Eric Troyer photo

Repurposed Eric Troyer photo with Eric, Mike, Pat, and Dave (L to R)

On March 18, Eric Buetow and Dave Prusak skied the virtual 20 km Sonot Kkaazoot on the traditional Chena River course that runs in front of the Buetow home.

Today, Eric writes:

Pat Reinhard, Mike Schmoker, Dave Prusak and I did a grand tour—minus Sunnyside—at a proudly SCUM-ish pace with multiple stops for conversation, reveling in the wonderful trail conditions, enjoying virtual feed stations, and waiting for the now 1 1/2-armed Prusak.

They called it a day and I cobbled together another 13-or-so km, encouraged by Jerome Jackson, who was in leisure mode with grand kids and Sarah.
All in all, a great day!

No photos because my phone died, but just wanted to get on the board. Total time for Eric: 4:10.

We’ll put the Eric on the board for 40 km and Pat, Mike, and Dave on for 27 km. 


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