Lisa Stuby skates “normal” virtual 20 km

Lisa writes (with blogger’s notes in purple):

This morning (Saturday) I skated a more “normal” 20 km Sonot at Birch Hill.

Lisa had previously skied a virtual 16 km on classical skis and platform snowshoes:

The weather was cool and breezy and the trails a bit slow, but groomed to a fine corduroy.  After 5.5 miles in 1 hr 8 min, I had to stop and warm my cold toes.  I stopped my GPS watch for the approximately 10 minutes and then started it again and was on my way.  When I finished, my watch was not working.

So I’ve had to guesstimate my time based on the pre-toe warming and my finish time.  So, I assume I took 2.5 hours to ski 21 kilometers and did the course of Blue, Outhouse, Tower Loops, Rollercoaster, White Bear and extension with Moilanen Meadows, and Warm up Loop.

Overall a nice ski and day and saw many smiling faces on the trails.  I’ve enjoyed reading the other Sonot posts.

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