Donna DiFolco, Bad Bob and Sharon Baker ski virtual 40 km

Bad Bob writes:

Baker Difolco trio

DiFolco/Baker trio finish virtual Sonot 110 km 

Donna DiFolco, Sharon and BAD BOB  Baker complete the Sonot Kkaazoot 40-K…sort of…  We combined a 15 km Sonot course from yesterday with a 25 km course we skied today to complete the SONOT  KKAAZOOT  40 km Virtual  2020…

Here’s how we did it..Yesterday we skied on our home course here at Moose Mountain, which I had just groomed.  It was 15 kilometers worth of soft, beautifully white snow with an uphill section that would make the regular Sonot course seem tame.  Skiing right from our home, we skied up and over the top of Moose Mountain, then continued up and down, mostly up, to the next summit, did a short loop around that top, then headed back down to home, with one little out & back on the way up.  That took us 2 hours and all in the CLASSIC technique.

Today, we arrived at Birch Hill at noon and found possibly the nicest grooming job of the season!! SUNNY, PERFECT TRACKS, AND TEMPS IN THE TEENS.  We choose the SKATING technique today, and although a bit slow, it was ok, when you compare it to the snow speed we all experienced most of this winter.  We chose a course that would take us around a potentially future course that may be in store for FUTURE Sonots.

Part of our course today involved skiing down SUNNYSIDE and CLIFFSIDE, then up the SONOT CONNECTOR.   What we found was Cliffside had only a moose trail down to the Ft. W/W ski lodge, and once we started up the Sonot  Connector, we had to pull off our skis and walk up to the White Bear, as not a single groomer or skier had been down the Connector since the last snow storm.  The snow was about a FOOT deep. For those 2 kilometers we averaged about a 20 minute per/km pace.

Sonot connector

Trio who hadn’t read our grooming posts head up Sonot Connector

Once back on top, we continued around the White Bear, Moilanen Meadows, finishing back in the stadium.

Our journey was just shy of 24 km, so we continued on around the Medivac loop to put us over the 25 km mark.  Exhausted and satisfied, we decided to add our Moose Mountain course from yesterday to complete our 40 km Virtural SONOT KKAAZOOT.


Da man, Sonot Kkaazoot race director, Bad Bob Baker

Time for today’s 25 km portion was an amazing 3-ish hours.  SO…our official Virtual Sonot Kkaazoot 40 kilometer finishing times was 5  Hours FLAT!   SO….completing the 40 km virtual Sonot  for SHARON  and I , completes our SONOT  KKAAZOOT   TRI !!  We did the 50, 40, and 20 k’s.  That’s 110 Kilometers of VIRTUAL  KKAAZOOT….


Bad Bob and Mark Ross holding the 2020 Sonot Kkaazoot poster

The 2020 Virtual Sonot Kkaazoot Posters (created by Mark Ross) can be found in the Birch Hill Warm-up Hut, throughout the week.  I believe that that are about 75 copies, one per person please.  Trail donations welcome but not required to obtain one of these posters.

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