Joanna Fox finishes 40 km virtual Sonot

Joanna selfie

Joanna writes:

I finished my 40k virtual Sonot this morning with a 5.01 mile (or 8.05k) ski that included some of my favorite highland trails. I started with a trip around the Relay Start Loop to get warmed up, and then hopped onto Tower, which was impeccably well groomed. I knew I had to include Tower in my finale, as after all it’s my favorite trail at Birch Hill. It did not let me down! I honestly can’t remember enjoying that trail more. I had intended to ski Outhouse when I came out of Tower, but right there, beckoning me, was Roller Coaster. Who can resist a trip down Roller Coaster when it’s been freshly groomed?! Well, not I! It was well worth the side trip, as the tracks were deep and fast and I had it all to myself.
I then proceeded to Outhouse, where I had fun wondering if I’d encounter the moose who seemingly had cut straight down from the entrance and crossed every switchback. I didn’t, but I knew it must be lurking around there somewhere. After completing Outhouse I could have taken the Relay Return, as I knew I had exceeded the 6.25 k I needed to get to 40 k, but the trail gods urged me to go to take the complete loop so I could enjoy one more downhill before reaching the stadium hill and finishing my ski.
It was downright GLORIOUS out there! I ran into Poles right as I was starting, and he seemed to be in the middle of his 5th or 6th 50 k of the week, so I knew better than to try to follow him. After all, I wanted to save a little in the tank for tomorrow’s ski.

Here’s a short video clip for Joanna’s ski today:


And here are the routes, times and temperatures for her 4 installments:

Image 3-21-20 at 1.07 PM_1

Image 3-22-20 at 5.07 PM_2


Image 3-27-20 at 4.55 PM_3Image 3-28-20 at 3.16 PM_4

.Looks like Joanna will be ready to take on the 50 km Sonot Kkaazoot in 2021.

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