Virtual Sonot: UAF to Birch Hill

Peter Delamere writes:

Peter Delamere skied with Hannah Delamere and Hjelle Personius from UAF to Birch Hill.  Hannah and Hjelle skied 27 km (just to BH).

PastedGraphic-1 sm

Peter skied 40 km with a few additional km at BH.

PastedGraphic-2 sm

It would be great if we could link UAF and BH via Creamers (especially if the river is not suitable).  Crossing Farmers Loop near Ballaine was trivial. The Steese and Farmers Loop intersection is not so easy.  If only we had an overpass….  Not sure about times. Started at 11:30 ended at 3:30.

Great day!
Great report, Peter! Your creative route warrants further consideration as Fairbanks’ winters warm.

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