Frank Soos skis classical 50 km on Saturday

Frank Soos, who normally handles the Sonot Kkaazoot bib distribution during normal years, skied his virtual 50 km classical Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot on Saturday with a time of 5:07.10. Frank is an award-winning writer and professor emeritus of English and Creative Writing at UAF so he doesn’t rely on electronic gadgets. He wears a watch that stores laps. He doesn’t need anything else than his skis and poles. Saturday he also had a cooler of food and beverages that he situated in the stadium area.

Frank writes:

“I did the first 30 km in 3:04.48.  And did the whole thing in 5:07.10.  What surprised me was that I did the last 20 at about the same pace as the first 30, and that I was pretty consistent over that distance.  I did think I was going pretty slow as I went.  At one point on the last White Bear I thought about looking at my watch, but thought, “What’s the point?”  I could not go any faster.  And in that mix was the 20 minute or so break for food and ski swap. 

The trails did seem faster, at least White Bear did until the bottom—0 when I went by the thermometer.  But judging from the pole marks not many people are doing this event.  Or maybe they’re just waiting for warmer weather.  The weather yesterday was perfect for me.  The blacks were slow going down, and I had to herring bone very little getting out of there.  I like the downs to be slow, the ups to offer good kick.

I did use tar green wax on both pairs of skis, Start binder, and I did still have wax after 30 km on the first pair, whether it would have gotten me another 20 or not I can’t guess.  But if you think about the traditional Sonot, I probably could have made it on one pair of skis since the river doesn’t ask much of the wax.”

Congratulations, Frank. You’re the first skier to finish the virtual 50 km Sonot Kkaazoot all in one day. That’s an awesome accomplishment for a 70 year old skier.

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