Dermot skates 10 km virtual Sonot

Dermot Cole, a writer and journalist, skis without hinderance of electronic devices to record his workout data. However, unlike Frank Soos and me, Dermot does own a smart phone that he carries when he skis to keep tabs on the pulse of the news.

Photo by Dan Johnson

He reported Saturday that he skated the 10 km virtual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot on Friday. He writes:

“Did the 10K course Friday, skating. Took an hour. More or less. Probably more. This is an estimate because I did have a timing device.”

This explains why Dermot misses most of the SCUM workouts as he arrives “more or less” at the appointed time. However, he thoroughly enjoys his workouts without the SCUM nagging him to look up.

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