Frank Soos Distance Race #1 training at -23 to -30 deg F

The groomers had done their magic on most of the major trails (except the blacks) yesterday. Ken Coe had set beautiful tracks that cut down to leaves only in one very short section of Heartrate Hill. Otherwise, they were firm, filled with snow, and set best line. Unfortunately, the trace of new hoarfrost snow overnight slowed the skis, so we were able to tuck and ride Ken’s tracks on the downhills (helped with a little doublepoling).

Today’s goal was to ski the course for the Frank Soos Distance Race #1 to be held on Saturday, 11 December 2021 starting at 11:00 a.m.

You can register for the race and view a map of the course here:

It was clear and sunny today with a brisk -23 deg F in the stadium, and -30 at Beacon Cutoff and the bottom of the White Bear. We were well-Dermotized, but camera batteries even with handwarmers don’t last long so we took a group photo at the top of the Tower Loop:

Four skiers on skins and three on waxable skis at -23 deg F

Some skiers don’t have any natural insulation so they bailed before skiing the entire 15 km. Bill Husby skied 17 km, throwing in extra loops to help burn a few more kcals. I ended up skiing alone from Coronary Bypass cutoff until I found Bill in the stadium. I skied the Warm-up Loop while Bill finished at the groomer’s garage. Two of us finished our workout goal for the day. As we trudged up the slower sections of the course, I could see Frank Soos ahead of me with his long arms and legs moving easily.

The trails are in great shape. If you dress for the temperature, you will have a stunning workout in the orange light near winter solstice.

Bernardo on White Bear–photo by Joanna Fox
Subtle winter light--photo by Joanna Fox

Norma and Joanna, post ski:

Photo by Joanna Fox

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