Recovery SCUM ski after Frank Soos Distance Race #1

After “racing”1 the 15 km Frank Soos Distance Race #1 in slow, newly fallen snow on Saturday, some SCUM skiers were actually willing to follow directions.

Here’s what SCUM looked like on the Outhouse loop after skiing the Sunnyside trail to section line on Sunday:

Recovery ski for SCUM–photo by Dan Johnson

And here we are enjoying the view from the Sunnyside trail at Powerline cutoff:

Sunnyside Trail at Powerline cutoff–photo by Joanna Fox

Although most of us only managed to ski 5 km in an hour on Sunday morning, I was able to “claim” one of the LOL’s 12 ornaments of Christmas, specifically, #4:

Ladies of Leisure 4th ornament of Christmas–photo by Joanna Fox

The recent snows have definitely improved the trails (a huge shout out to the NSCF groomers, you guys rock) and this cold weather will allow the tracks to set up firmly. If you properly dermotize, you can claim more the LOL 12 ornaments of Christmas. I just need 11 more.


1“Racing” in SCUM parlance means skiing a course without taking rest stops. Our speed is definitely relative only to standing still. Thanks to all the patient race volunteers!

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