Get well quick, Poles!

Although the sun came out today, the SCUM were less animated without Bill Husby leading us on trails less traveled:

Bill leading Norma up the Fort Wainwright alpine hill in February using the route before the Sonot Connector was built

Without you, Don and Dermot wimp skated up the Comp Loop twice after we finished the Flat Black and Tommy Knocker Extension trails. Dan and I were able to V1 and not get our heartrate above level 2 while chasing Mike on classical skis. Still suffering the residual fatigue from his epic 50 km Sonot Kkaazoot, Dermot demonstrated wimp woodeling:

Dermot wimp woodeling up the Comp Loop

We hope that your surgery went well today. We miss you and hope that we’ll be chasing you soon.

Wednesday SCUM skiers (minus Byron who skipped the Comp loop) sending blue skies to Bill Husby–photo by Mike Mathers

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