SCUM take on Ride or Glide Relays

SCUM do Ride or Glide–video and interviews by Bill Husby

In the Ride or Glide relays, two person teams either bike or ski a 9-km course. The biker must do the first leg. Mike Mathers was ahead of Corrine Leistikow on the first leg. However, Eric called Dan an old man as he passed him. It may have had something to do with the tights that Eric wore. Alternatively, Eric must not have gone off course (like he did in last year’s Sonot Kkaazoot) or his bike wheel didn’t fall off (like in last year’s Ride or Glide).

What to wear if you want to beat SCUM

Congratulations to all. I’d still be out on the course if I had attempted to ski it.

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