Just 44 skiers finish 50 km Sonot Kkaazoot

Official results for the 36th Sonot Kkaazoot are now posted. On a beautiful morning where the temperatures dropped to low single digits in the Birch Hill stadium at race time, 165 skiers successfully completed one of three official Sonot Kkaazoot courses.

The 10 km course was the most popular, where 78 skiers finished, while 6 skiers DNF (did not finish) and 4 (did not start).

The statistics for the 30 and 50 km events were very similar. Forty-three skiers finished the 30 km and 44 finished the 50 km. In each event, 4 skiers did not finish. In the 30 km, there were 3 DNS while 2 were DNS for the 50 km.

These numbers attest to the difficulty of the new courses. In 2018, the last time the Sonot Kkaazoot was held on the Chena River, 103 skiers completed the 20 km, 38 finished the 40 km, and 74 finished the 50 km.

Those of us who didn’t complete our intended courses started training for the 37th Sonot Kkaazoot on the following day. We’re enjoying spring skiing and have increased our donations to the NSCF trail fund. https://nordicskicluboffairbanks.wildapricot.org/Donate/

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