M09 and M10 SCUM enjoy spring skiing

M09 and M10 SCUM and Joanna ski White Bear today

This morning at 10 a.m., the only SCUM present were the over 70-year-old group of SCUM and two kids, Joanna and Greg. Greg was just arriving as we were heading out, so I told him he’d have to find us on the Black Loops.

However, leaving Birch Hill stadium, we followed fresh grooming down the White Cub to the Biathlon. At Zoomer Cutoff the grooming ended but, we decided to continue skiing out the White Bear. Byron texted Greg but got no response. We found the slightly icy surface made for faster skating and good balance practice. Owen was on classical skis but the fast tracks compensated for his less than perfect kick.

After finishing White Bear (and Moilanen Meadows, which hadn’t been groomed in over a week), we noticed that Sidewinder had been groomed. Thus, we headed down Sidewinder with the goal to ski the down to Big Surprise Cutoff and then back up on the sprint loop. However, one of our M10 SCUM had a little bit too much speed on one of the key downhill corners, so took the route less traveled.

Action photos and video by Joanna Fox, who was following Don, but followed the corduroy instead of her elder

The snow on this route was a little too deep for Don to execute his previously demonstrated kick turn, so he removed his skis for his retreat, which all his fellow SCUM were able to enjoy, including Greg who finally found us.

SCUM find Greg as Don returns to the trail more traveled

With less skiers enjoying the trails now, when you have little mishaps, the likelihood of having witnesses decreases. Unless of course, you’re SCUM. Then your pals will make sure there’s lasting evidence to remind you.

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