SCUM get Schmokered on the Sunnyside

Although the Birch Hill trails were groomed this morning, most of the SCUM were not skiing on them. That was because we got “Schmoker”ed yesterday.

Because both Jesse and Christina had encouraged FXC Masters to do pickups when we ski, Mike Schmoker suggested on Sunday that a good SCUM workout would be to do intervals between each of the cutoffs on the White Bear trail. Seeing as Mike was the first SCUM to successfully finish the 50 km Sonot Kkaazoot, he commands certain reverence from the rest of us. Fortunately, White Bear had been groomed only to the Sonot Connector on Wednesday. However, Sunnyside had been groomed, so I modified Mike’s workout to do intervals between the cutoffs on Sunnyside.

Here are the unsuspecting SCUM before the intervals. Joanna had excluded herself from the workout because she was leaving for Costa Rica on Sunday and didn’t want to get injured before then. Therefore, she assumed the role of self-appointed coach and videographer.

SCUM before being Schmokered–photos and videos by Joanna Fox

Here’s a demonstration of Byron being Schmokered on the uphill section of the Center Sunnyside loop:

Mike leading the SCUM pack on Wednesday just like during the recent Sonot Kkaazoot

It sounds like the rescue helicopters were flying overhead as the back of the pack SCUM finished our Center loop interval:

Tim and Mom work harder to go slower than Mike and Byron

We were too wiped out to take an after photograph on the Outhouse Loop. Instead, we stopped on the White Bear at the Biathlon Range. It was such a lovely day that we took an extended recovery ski on the White Bear and Moilanen Meadows. Enjoy the groomed trails while we have them.

Resting after our interval session and extended cool-down

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