Crust skiing in light rain ends ski training year

With light rain this morning and temperatures staying well above freezing overnight, Dermot Cole and I decided to crust ski this morning starting at 10 a.m. The entire White Bear trail had been groomed on Friday, and White Bear to Sonot Junction was groomed Saturday morning. On both those days, we had enjoyed the fresh corduroy, so we were surprised to see that today, Sonot Cutoff looked like a stream bed.

Dermot Cole on Sonot Junction Sunday morning

However, except for the lake forming on the White Bear at Sonot Junction, the crust on the trails was relatively firm and skating was enjoyable. The trails had a vegetated appearance as the rain had concentrated the tree debris at the surface.

Dermot on White Bear near Hilltop

We only saw two other skiers this morning, but saw and heard geese and chickadees, and saw fresh moose tracks. At Beacon Cutoff, I wanted to check the temperature on the thermometer posted on the junction sign, but the snow did not hold my weight even with my skis. I was able to stay upright for several minutes, but would Dermot help me? No, the journalist had to get his phone out to record my data collection attempt.

Don’t expect help from a journalist if you run into problems with your data collection!
Pointing to my burial site after my 11-minute dousing in crushed ice.–photo by Dermot Cole

Crust skiing is an adventure, but mishaps happen so having a ski buddy is helpful. There’s still lots of snow on the trails so hope for some cooler night temperatures to allow the groomers to work their magic. They’ve already groomed 189 days this season.

2 thoughts on “Crust skiing in light rain ends ski training year

  1. Sorry to have missed such an effort to eke out one last day of skiing.


    div>We all know the left leaning bias of the media so of course you were left to strugg

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