Cautionary note on early season skiing

As one of the trail groomers for the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks, perhaps no individual spends more time on the Birch Hill trails during the winter than our own Bill Husby. On Wednesday, he was “at the office” as seen in this photo from Byron Broda:

Brother Bill at the office on 10-21-20sm

And on Thursday, Bill sent me this trail report:

“Went skiing on the White Bear this morning. Skiing on the trails with the current conditions are not for the faint hearted. Went down the W Cub, thru Range and around WB. Rather than returning the same way up the W. Cub backwards, I chose to travel through Biathlon Way backwards. Big Mistake! Caught a rock and did an instant face plant and snapped a pole. Fortunately no major injuries, just pride and money.” 


Although I’m sure that one of our local ski shops will appreciate Bill’s unplanned business, we are definitely relieved to hear that Bill did not injure himself in his mishap.

So, skiers, beware of hidden hazards.

What La Nina means for winter in Alaska

1st single digit day at FWW_sm

NOAA has indicated that the winter of 2020 to 2021 will be influenced by a mild La Nina, which usually means colder temperatures for Alaska. So although we’re still not skiing, you should start acclimating to colder temperatures by ski walking with poles if you want to enjoy the snow when it has covered the ski trails. 

Ask a Climatologist: What to expect when you’re expecting La Niña