2019 was the warmest March on record

As reported by the National Weather Service, March 2019 was the warmest on record in Fairbanks::


Temperatures reached 52 deg F at the airport on the day the Sonot Kkaazoot was held. This graph from the Alaska Climate Research Center show just how warm March was:


So there were extreme weather conditions leading to this year’s shortened course.

It’s still warmer than normal

Although two recent Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks events have been postponed due to cold, 2014 was the 4th warmest year in Fairbanks in over a century.


Deviation of  temp means from normalNordic skiers in Fairbanks are just not acclimated yet. Look at how much warmer (red bars) we’ve been than normal this winter. Also, remember we had a cold dip last January as well as a colder than normal February.

We should embrace our cold because our ski trails are snow-covered, and they won’t be melting soon. This cold weather is also good news for skiing on the Chena River this winter and spring.