Still hopeful for a Chena River start & finish

Bad Bob Baker, Sonot Kkaazoot Chief of Course, has been out on the river daily keeping an eye on the river ice thickness. Skiers must make sure that they STAY ON THE COURSE indicated by painted lines on the snow/ice and bright orange directional signs:

Bad Bob warning signs


As of Thursday night, the ice thickness was greater than 12″ if you stay on the trail. This means no passing under the Graehl Street Bridge on Fort Wainwright:

Single file only

Bad Bob will be out again Friday night to set up km markers and again very early on Saturday morning before the groomers do their last pass on the river section.  So the final decision on the Sonot Kkaazoot start location will be made SATURDAY MORNING.

Photos by Bill Husby


Random Sonot Kkaazoot scenes from 2004 to 2011


Photos from various SCUM and SCUM spouses